Services and Fees

Ways We Can Work Together

A flexible set of services is available to meet your needs, whether you are looking for an hour or two of advice, a comprehensive plan or guidance on management of your investment strategy.

Services and Fees

Hourly Consultation:

$250 per hour (prorated; one hour minimum).

Telephone and email consults after the initial consult are prorated with a 0.25 hour minimum.

Financial Plans:

Base rate of $3,500 (additional charges will be assessed at $200 per hour for additional time for complex portfolios, multiple changes to planning scenarios and/or additional coaching or implementation support).

Investment Management: This service is for managing your portfolio with full discretion under agreed upon guidelines. The fees are a % of assets managed as follows:

  • $1,000,000 and under:          1.00%
  • $1,000,000 – $4,000,000:     0.75%
  • $4,000,000+                          Negotiable/maximum of 0.75%

More about the Services

Personal Financial Consulting

This hourly service is ideal if you are seeking advice on financial or investment issues. There is no minimum portfolio size or net worth to use this service. The Consulting service is designed for individuals, couples and families. Situations where clients choose to work with Trish on an hourly basis include:

  • Dealing with routine financial and investment situations and decisions
  • Assessing your current financial status, plan or portfolio
  • Identify investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Review current portfolio holdings, recommend target asset allocation
  • Recommend types of investment vehicles based on your comfort and management style
  • Discussion/evaluation of a financial decision, or an unexpected event
  • Facilitating a discussion with a partner, parent or child about financial matters
  • Understanding investment processes available in the marketplace and determining which is most suitable for you, such as:
    • Your workplace IRA or 401K
    • Self-managed accounts
    • Services offered by stockbrokers, financial advisors, and/or trust officers
  • Reviewing investment products or recommendations you have obtained, ensuring they meet your needs, and providing second opinions
  • Create “do-it-yourself” investment strategies for you to implement and manage
  • Focused financial planning on specific areas that are your top priorities

Personal Financial Planning

This is a process to help you form a plan and vision to address financial goals throughout your life. It includes a comprehensive evaluation and strategy to meet your goals and lifestyle that require funding.

Plan fees begin at $3,500 which includes up to 6 hours of in-person consultation, in addition to plan preparation which is customized and done by Trish Howe, CFP®. A Personal Financial Plan is ideal if you would like a strong vision and roadmap for achieving multiple financial goals such as:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Educational funding
  • Decisions/timing to buy or sell real estate
  • Understanding your lifestyle budget
  • Insurance/risk review
  • Estimating your ending estate value and making legacy plans

Investment Management Services

Investment Management Services are available if you wish to hire a professional to manage investments, on your behalf, within well-understood and agreed upon guidelines. These services are provided by the Firm acting in a limited power of attorney role at the client’s account custodian, and within the parameters agreed upon with the client. Fees are a percentage of assets managed and are charged at the end of each calendar quarter based on the ending market value.

This service is available for a maximum annual fee of 1% of assets under management with a $1 million minimum portfolio size. Amounts over $1 million are 0.75%. Included in this service are both consultations and comprehensive planning as needed.

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