The Firm

Trish Howe founded Howe Financial Advisory, LLC in 2012 to bring professional expertise and objective, transparent advice to her clients.  Her work is client focused without pressures of meeting employer driven objectives.

By offering hourly and project-based services, clients are not required to have certain levels of net worth or assets “to manage”. This opens up the opportunity for Trish to work with clients in, and with, many different financial circumstances.

The practice operates under a fiduciary standard of care which is service rather than product driven. A fiduciary standard requires the advisor to act in the client’s best interest rather than favoring the firm’s or advisor’s interest. This contrasts to the suitability standard which only requires that a product recommendation is suitable for a client, and could lead to recommendations which are suitable, but possibly not the best choice at the firm, or at the lowest fee.

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Over the past 30 years Trish has served as a financial advisor at two major brokerage firms, and as a private client portfolio manager at two major banks. Trish’s experience has given her a thorough understanding of a vast array of investment products, and insight into the nuances of various types of financial service providers. Her experience building and monitoring portfolios of stocks, bonds, funds and specialty managers, is extensive and has focused on discretionary management of client portfolios on a fee-only basis.


Trish is sensitive to the complexities investors face in dealing with the financial industry, and the multitude of vehicles and approaches. She enjoys supporting clients, individuals and couples, in building and managing their resources, and strives to provide a setting where any aspect of client’s personal and financial matters can be discussed. Trish offers an approach and a set of services that is transparent and flexible, and focuses on the clients’ concerns and interests. Clients are supported and empowered as they:

  • Gain an understanding of their current resources
  • Determine the type and level of professional involvement that works best for them
  • Take ownership of their financial future

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