Services and Fees

Ways We Can Work Together

A flexible set of services is available to meet your needs, whether you are looking for an hour or two of advice, a comprehensive plan or ongoing management of your investment strategy.

Services and Fees

Personal Financial Consultation: $150 per hour (prorated; one hour minimum for initial consults)
Personal Financial Plans:

Beginning at $1,850 (additional charges estimated in advance for complex portfolios, real estate holdings and multiple scenarios chosen to explore).

Investment Management Service:

Fee begins at 1% of assets managed up to $1 million dollars;  0.75% thereafter. Minimum portfolio size for this service is $1 million dollars.

More About The Services

Personal Financial Consulting

This hourly consulting service is ideal if you are in need of advice on routine financial matters, one-time events, or are considering a comprehensive plan and want to begin building a relationship. You may choose to work with Trish on an hourly basis for needs such as:

  • Dealing with routine financial and investment situations
  • Assessing your current financial status, plan or portfolio
  • An immediate need or unexpected event arises
  • Facilitating a discussion with a partner, parent or child
  • Understanding a complex financial matter or decision
  • Defining your investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Receive a customized Asset Allocation Plan to use for your investment portfolio.
  • Understanding investment processes available in the marketplace and determining which is most suitable for you, such as:
    • Your workplace IRA or 401K
    • Self-managed accounts
    • Services offered by stock brokers, financial advisors, or trust officers
  • Reviewing investment products or recommendations ensuring they meet your needs and ideas on where to get them
  • Creating “do-it-yourself” investment strategies
  • Professional opinion

Personal Financial Planning

This is a comprehensive evaluation and planning process to help you address specific financial goals. Plan fees begin at $1,850 which includes up to 6 hours of in-person consultation in addition to plan preparation.  Plan fees vary according to complexity, scope and preparation time. A Personal Financial Plan is ideal if you need support for multiple financial goals such as:

  • Income/cash flow issues
  • Planning for retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Gifting strategies
  • Educational funding
  • Insurance/risk review

Investment Management Services

This service is available for a maximum annual fee of 1% of assets under management with a $1 million minimum portfolio size.

Investment Management Services are available if you wish to compensate a professional to manage investments, on your behalf, within well-understood and agreed upon guidelines. These services are provided by the Firm acting in a limited power of attorney role with the Client’s account custodian, and within the parameters agreed upon with the Client. Fees are a percentage of assets managed and are charged at the end of each calendar quarter. Getting Started